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Welcome to the Ideal Small Business Accelerator  (Ideal SBA) – an exceptional program designed to empower startup businesses in the Southern New Jersey Region. The Ideal SBA is an evolution of the successful Ideal Seed Center  Program, offering an improved and comprehensive support system for entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

Our mission at Ideal SBA is to create a collaborative work environment where startup minds and resources converge, helping alleviate the initial challenges that new businesses face. Our goal is to serve as a launchpad for entrepreneurs as they establish and grow their businesses, equipping them with the tools and resources needed to transition into their own office space.

Who Should Apply?

Ideal SBA is tailored for startup or early-stage ventures seeking a dynamic and supportive work environment. We are looking for innovative, adaptable, and driven individuals ready to propel their businesses to the next level  

What to Expect

  • The program focuses on supporting startups that have been generating revenue for less than three years.
  • All applicants are required to undergo a thorough application process and background check.
  • Our priority is to ensure a diverse and inclusive community where creativity and collaboration thrive.

Workspace Options

At Ideal SBA, we offer a range of workspace options to accommodate various business needs:

  • Flexible Coworking Space – 30 Spots Available
  • Dedicated Desk – 10 Spots Available
  • Dedicated Team Station – 8 Spots Available
  • Small Closed Offices – 6 Spots Available
  • Large Closed Offices – 5 Spots Available
  • Social Engagement and Common Area
  • Auditorium 200 seats
  • Digital film production studio
  • Podcast station 
  • Lounge Area
  • Break Area
  • Total Space Size: 15,000 Sq. Ft.

Benefits of Joining Ideal SBA

Our facility, located at 1000 washington  Avenue, Pleasantville NJ 08232  in the heart of Atlantic county , provides an array of benefits to our tenants:

  • 24-hour access to Ideal SBA  Office Space
  • High-speed Internet and Wi-Fi
  • Shared Conference Room with full A/V functionality
  • Streaming and Podcast Booth
  • Unlimited Coffee and beverages
  • No utility costs
  • High-Speed color copier/printer/scanner
  • Fully Furnished workspaces
  • Free networking events and entrepreneur workshops
  • Onsite staff for support
  • Onsite startup mentorship
  • In-house Mail and Parcel Receipt
  • Free Parking
  • Twice Weekly Cleaning Service
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Application Guidelines

To be eligible for Ideal SBA, all tenants must meet the following criteria:

  • Obtain (or have) a business license within six months
  • Provide analytics, metrics, and a business plan as requested by Ideal SBA 
  • Be a for-profit business less than three years old
How It Works

The Application Process

Once you’ve submitted your application, the following steps will take place:


Ideal SBA will review your application


A meeting will be scheduled to build rapport, discuss findings, and address any questions


The application will be submitted to the Director for approval


Upon approval, you and the Director will establish short and long-term business goals


You can then move into the Incubator and start your entrepreneurial journey with us

Pricing Plans

Affordable Pricing Plans For You

At Ideal SBA, we believe in supporting our local entrepreneurial ecosystem, and that’s why we offer discounted rates for Ideal Institute of Technology Graduates.

Build IT and INC IT Graduates Would Get 100% Discount for first 12 months
70 %

First year start up Year 1 – Tiered Pricing Structure

Additionally, a refundable $200 deposit fee is required at the start of your lease, covering your final month in the incubator. This deposit will be returned to you at the end of your lease.

*We understand that flexibility is crucial for startups, and under certain circumstances, Ideal SBA can offer a 6-month lease option. For more information, please contact us at

Outside Rentals

At Ideal SBA, our priority is to provide an optimal working environment for our entrepreneurs. While we sometimes host startup education, workshops, networking events, and outside gatherings, we will always inform our tenants in advance to ensure their workdays remain productive and undisturbed.

Join Ideal SBA today and be part of a thriving entrepreneurial community that fosters innovation, growth, and success. Together, we will turn your startup dreams into reality.

Not Enough Time In The Day? Give Us A Call

We do not want to disturb you while you work on your business. Please fill in the details and we would reach out to you!

Our Services

Out-Of-USA Start up Membership

Non-US Residents – $150/month  (Paid Annually) 

Out-of-Country memberships are reserved for entrepreneurs and companies who do not reside in the US. Location independent by design, this membership offers the services of an incubator while also providing flexibility and convenience. Includes:

High Visibility

Members are able to participate in all programs at no cost and are featured on Ideal SBA website

Virtual Address

Members will receive Google-verified business addresses for company formation and bank accounts in US Bank

Educational Programs

Members can attend workshops, lectures, and gatherings specially organized for founders and start-up owners

Special Events

Members are invited to various events designed especially for startups and small businesses which helps in networking.

Local Mentors

Members have access to an extensive network of mentors through in-person office hours

Social Media Marketing

Members may schedule regular updates with IdealSBA staff partners to assess needs

Not Enough Time In The Day? Give Us A Call

We do not want to disturb you while you work on your business. Please fill in the details and we would reach out to you!